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Looking for a high quality paint job in NC? Trust Home Improvements has years of experience in transforming homes into the spectacle that is well deserved. From the smaller residential paint jobs, to the big commercial paint jobs, our company tackles the task at hand with full confidence and expertise. With plenty of satisfied customers, THI knows the ends and outs to satisfy all of your painting needs. Whether your needs are interior or exterior, we will make sure it’s the highest quality paint job you’ve ever had done. We take great pride in performing the job as explained in detail to the respected residential or commercial client.

Why Choose THI For Your Painting Needs?

Painting Experts

There are many reasons to choose Trust Home Improvements for all of your painting projects. As mentioned above, we have years of experience in both the interior and exterior painting fields. Including both commercial and residential areas. Because we care deeply about our customer base, we will go above and beyond to bring satisfaction to our clients. Many painting professionals don’t listen to the customers experience, there for they miss out on areas from which they can grow as a company. At Trust Home Improvements, we have listened to our past customers and have cleared any bumps in the road to make them happy. By doing this simple task, we have nailed down any gaps between the customers satisfactory of the paint job. With the approval of the owners discretion, we would be more than pleased to move any items that may effect determent during the painting process. By doing so, this enables THI to finish painting in a safe and high quality workmanship. CONTACT US today and we will be glad to come give your job a FREE ESTIMATE.

Interior Painting 

Walls. Ceilings. Trim. Etc.

Interior painting is essential for setting the mood and feel for your residential or commercial property. Painting the walls, ceilings, and trim areas are no stranger to the THI professionals. The right paint for your paint job can enhance the charm of your interior walls. At Trust Home Improvements, it is our top priority to provide an elegant interior paint service. Our team relishes the opportunity to create a comfy and cozy feel to each interior paint job. THI also are well aware of avoiding any splashes, and taking full responsibility in this area. Moving the necessary items and covering any areas that paint might trample on is a skill that we have mastered. The Trust Home Improvements team treats their customers belongings like they belong to them. Contact Us today and we will be more than pleased to come give a FREE ESTIMATE.



Exterior Painting

Painting Experts

Whether you need a paint job on your residential or commercial property, Trust Home Improvements knows the importance of your exterior paint job. The exterior painting on your property can make or break the elegance of your exterior surface. Many exterior paint jobs might require lifts in order to finish in a safe and proficient manner. No worries! Our THI crew members are properly trained to use lifts to complete areas that are not accessible from the ground. We ensure that your exterior paint job gets the right amount of coating and paint to withhold against any dangerous temperature flare ups. Trust in THI to complete your long awaited project today. We ensure that you will be happy with the special touch that Trust Home Improvements gives your exterior paint job. Contact Us today and it will be our honor to give you a FREE ESTIMATE.

Trim Painting

Premier Trim Painters

Trust Home Improvements has proudly resolved many paint trim jobs because of our attention to detail is unmatched by any other painting company in the Carolinas. We understand that there are many houses with different styles. By giving Trust Home Improvements the opportunity to tackle your project, our painting pros will do any kind of trim painting. Trimming the areas that need to be painted, is a key element to maxing out the potential of your house or building. The THI crew are experts for any trim work that needs to be touched up. Trimming out the doors and windows can give the shine needed to make each piece stand out. By giving these necessary areas a nice tight paint job, this will deter any stress from any external forces that can potentially cause lasting damage.